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Reed Richards

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A Break From Science [Oct. 9th, 2007|09:59 pm]
Reed Richards
Reed Richards is up early - and for a change, not up early to work in his laboratory. This morning, he's awakened early to make sure he's up before Sue - to provide a little variance in the usual routine.

While Sue does most of the cooking for the Fantastic Four, Reed's laboratory skills translate to the kitchen to some degree; so it is a relatively simple matter to prepare a light breakfast-in-bed on a hovering tray to take in to his loving wife.

"Good morning, darling."

He leans over, kissing Sue's cheek.
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Follow-Up [Apr. 29th, 2006|02:39 am]
Reed Richards
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Starter [Apr. 29th, 2006|02:38 am]
Reed Richards
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"Reed, you're going to take a break from the science projects and sit down with your family to watch a movie, this instant!"

Sue's a little more angry than usual. Still, he's spent the last 61.5 hours working on this stellar analysis machine.. perhaps a break was in order.

"Just a minute, dear.. let me stabilize things so I can leave it safely." He de-activates the experiment carefully, stretching to jot down a few notes to try in the next trial run.

Hmmm. "I could probably continue to run things with a spare limb or two.."

Sue's voice boomed again from down the hall. "I know what you're thinking, Reed! All of you, in here. No work."

Chuckling, he shakes his head and seals the lab as he takes elongated strides down the hall, pausing to extend an arm into the kitchen to start some popcorn in the microwave. She knows me too well.

The family room is already darkened, Franklin perched on his mother's lap as she sits on the couch, Ben sitting on the floor almost as excited as Franklin. "So what are we watching, dear?" Reed grins as he stretches over the back of the couch to sit beside his wife.

Sue smiles sweetly. "The Incredibles - it's about a superhero family."

Ben chimes in. "It's gonna be a blast, right Franklin?"

"Yeah, Unca Ben!" Franklin beams.

Reed chuckles. "I'll try not to pick apart the scientific problems this time, I promise."

The microwave sounds its chime, indicating the popcorn is done, and he stretches an arm to recover the bag - drawing a brief dirty look from Sue, until his hand returns with it. "Just a snack, dear. No work."

She smiles, those dazzling eyes of hers lighting up. Reed settles in to watch the movie.

. . .

Hmm.. I could build that.
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